5.3.20 – Saul’s Conversion

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This week’s lesson


This month we’re reading in the Bible about some of the amazing adventures of the early church. These are true stories of the adventures of Jesus’ first followers.

These are true stories of how Jesus changes lives.

The very first Christians were people like you and me, who believed in Jesus and accepted the sacrifice He made for their sin. They were ordinary people who received power by God’s Holy Spirit when He came upon them.

Today’s lesson is about a man named Saul, who was completely changed! You can find his story in the Bible in the book of Acts 9:1-22.
READ with us here


Can you spot the differences?

These kids have changed from the first picture to the second picture…

Can you point to 6 ways they are different?

How about these?

Great job! The differences you just spotted are things that changed on the outside of these kids.

It is easy to change what’s on the outside by changing our clothes, hairstyle, and even our facial expressions. But did you know God can change our heart on the inside?

Saul was a man who hated Christians and had them killed and put in prison.  He made some pretty bad choices and did terrible things against God and His church.

What do you think God can do with a person like Saul?  Can he be forgiven?

Caterpillars don’t just sprout wings and learn to fly when they become butterflies.

Through an incredible process called metamorphosis they are completely changed from the inside out–just like Jesus changes us.  Watch and see!


When Saul met Jesus, Jesus forgave him and his whole life changed.

Jesus didn’t just kind of make Saul a better guy, but He also totally changed him from the inside out. Jesus even gave him a new name–Paul.

Paul believed in Jesus and stopped persecuting Christians after he met Him.  Even more amazing, after that Paul risked his life going on three missionary journeys to spread the good news of salvation through Jesus.

Paul started new churches where he performed miracles, preached, and taught many people. He wrote thirteen letters that later became books in the New Testament of the Holy Bible.  Wow!

God doesn’t just make us better, He makes us new. He gives us a new purpose in life. He gives us His Holy Spirit to completely transform our lives.


  • What happened to Saul when he saw Jesus on the road?
  • What was Saul like before he experienced Jesus?
  • How was Saul changed after he experienced Jesus?
  • Do you remember a time when you met or heard about Jesus for the first time? How did it happen?
  • What changes has Jesus made in your life?
Jesus Brings New Life

remember this

Jesus can forgive you and make you into a completely new person, just like He did with Paul. With Jesus, we are changed into a new creation.

Jesus changes lives.

Let’s read Revelation 21:1-5.  Jesus told John in a vision that He is making everything new. What two things did Jesus say will be new in Revelation 21:1?

A:  A new heaven and a new earth!

Rev 21.5

Here’s a playlist for you to praise God all week!

I will extol the LORD at all times; his praise will always be on my lips. My soul will boast in the LORD; let the afflicted hear and rejoice. Glorify the LORD with me; let us exalt his name together.    Psalm 34:1

Here’s a coloring page for younger ones to remember this lesson.

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