We are a community doing our best to serve our savior through testimony, Fellowship, service, and growth.

Jesus died to give us a new life. Passionately pursuing Jesus will be exhilarating, and crushing at times. But it will never be dull, and you will never be alone. Take the journey.
Our vision
Is to be a beacon of Christs love in our community inspiring others to follow Him.

Our mission is to lead people into a personal relationship with God and see them become an effective member of the body of Christ.


We are all called to follow, testify, fellowship and serve our heavenly Father to the best of our ability.



We want to join with you on your faith journey, taking each step together as we grow in Christ.



Whether it’s telling your story through Baptism, finding community by joining a LIFE Group, or using your unique gifts in Serving, we all have a Next Step—no matter where you are on your faith journey.


Youth Ministries exists to REACH students with the love of Jesus, to JOIN them into COMMUNITY with other Christians, to help them DEVELOP in their faith, and live a life that brings PRAISE to our God.


Get Connected
Join A Group
It’s where life happens!
Groups are where we connect and grow. It’s the next step in
our Christian walk


Cross Creek believes that connecting with God starts from the day each person is born. We offer multiple opportunities for kids of all ages to fellowship with other believers and grow spiritually all while having fun! 

Journey of faith

Sermon from: Pastor Dave Martin

Building Relationships

Spending time with local village communities, getting to know people and the culture.

Building Hope

Getting to know the needs of the people through the established relationships

Building community

Getting the opportunity to help them with community needs such as clean water, Medicine, and building churches.

Building Faith

Getting the chance to share our faith through the relationships we build and the time we spend in service to their needs.