5.17.20 – Peter’s Rescue

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This week’s lesson


This month we’re reading in the Bible about some of the amazing adventures of the early church. These are true stories of the adventures of Jesus’ first followers.

These are true stories of how Jesus changes lives.

The first group of believers were people like you and me who believed in Jesus and accepted the sacrifice He made for their sin.  They were ordinary people who received power by God’s Holy Spirit when He came upon them.

In today’s TRUE STORY found in Acts 12:1-17, Peter was going around Caesarea sharing the gospel and was thrown in jail!

Do you know what happened after that? Something amazing!
READ with us here

You might have had a time in your life when you’ve gone through something hard or felt discouraged. Maybe someone treated you badly, or maybe you got into trouble when you didn’t deserve it.

Whenever you face hard times, temptation, or feel afraid, it can weigh you down like the chains on Peter.

Have you ever done something wrong?  Maybe you feel guilty, or sad about what you have done.

Or maybe you don’t feel guilty at all, and so you keep on doing wrong things.  Maybe you have a bad habit you can’t break.  Sometimes sin makes us feel bad, and sometimes it doesn’t.

But whenever we continue to do wrong things without asking God for forgiveness, our sin can bind us like Peter’s chains.  It can weigh you down and keep you from the best things God has for you.

But it doesn’t have to stay that way!  The Bible says that Jesus sets us free from anything that binds us!

In the same way, Peter didn’t stay in jail!  Instead, something amazing happened.  The Bible tells the TRUE STORY of an angel, who appeared and broke Peter’s chains!  The angel led Peter out of the jail cell (right between two guards!) and set him free. 

God can give you freedom, too! He can help you face whatever is weighing you down, and help you overcome anything you’re tempted by or afraid of.

God is all-powerful. He can help you overcome anything!

This story helps us remember our Big Idea, Jesus gives us freedom.


Others helped bring God’s power to the jail cell. Do you know what they did to help?

Other disciples gathered together and prayed for Peter.  WOW!  Did you know prayer could be so powerful?


Did you know there are different ways to pray? Different ways, different reasons–there’s no right or wrong way to pray.

God is so glad to hear from His children when they talk to Him!  He hears every prayer.

You can pray to God for help.  Or you can pray for forgiveness when you do wrong.  You can pray to thank God for something He’s done.  Or you can simply pray to tell God how amazing He is.

Have you ever wondered why God wants us to pray?
When we pray, several things happen:
  • We express love to our Heavenly Father by comunicating with Him in relationship.
  • We admit that we need His help–He is stronger and wiser than we are.
  • We recognize that we are not God.  We don’t have all the answers.
  • We gain strength from God as we tune in to Him!
  • We invite God’s power into our struggles!
  • We seek and receive forgiveness as we confess our sins.
  • We trust that God is with us and that He hears us.

Do you know the stories of
King Jehoshaphat (2 Chronicles 20)
King David (2 Samuel and Psalms)
Hannah and Samuel (1 Samuel)?

Here are their examples from the Bible of powerful prayer.

Try using this calendar to spend some time each day this month talking with God in prayer.  These are not the only ways to pray or the only things to pray about, but it may help you to find new ways to pray.

And sometimes it is better to just LISTEN.  Try including some moments of silence while you are praying.  God may have something He wants to tell you!


  • What amazing thing did God do for Peter?
  • What were Peter’s friends doing when he was in jail?
  • How do you think Peter’s friends felt when they saw him at the door?
  • What is the biggest thing God can set us free from?
  • What do you need God to help you with or rescue you from?

Galatians 5:1 says “It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.”

      • What does this verse say that God does for us?
      • What kinds of things can we be slaves to?
      • What other things do you need God to set you free from?
      • How can you ask God to help you find freedom this week?

Remember THIS

The people who were praying for Peter were asking for God’s help. God answered their prayer in a mighty way!

God set Peter free from jail. You’re currently not in jail, but you might have things that can hold you down or hurt you. Some things that may keep us prisoner are our bad choices, bad feelings or attitudes, bad habits or bad things that happen to us.

When an angel came to Joseph and told him that he and Mary should name their baby “Jesus,” he was giving a hint of Jesus’ big mission on earth.

What does the name “Jesus” mean?

Matthew 1:21 You shall give Him the name 'Jesus'...

The name “Jesus”
“to deliver, or rescue”

Jesus was sent from Heaven to rescue people from sin and from the consequences of sin:  separation from God.  This is the BIGGEST thing we need to be rescued from.

Jesus gives us freedom!


Here’s a playlist for you to praise God all week!

I will extol the LORD at all times; his praise will always be on my lips. My soul will boast in the LORD; let the afflicted hear and rejoice. Glorify the LORD with me; let us exalt his name together.    Psalm 34:1

Here’s a coloring page for younger ones to remember this lesson.

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Hide God’s Word in your heart by memorizing this verse: Mark 16:15.


Just like Peter was separated when he was jailed, our SIN keeps us jailed and separated from God forever.

But Jesus set us free when He conquered sin and death forever!  We no longer need to live in fear, or  bound by the chains of sin.  We can live a life of freedom when we have a relationship with Jesus, when we believe that what He has already done on the cross was for us.

The people who were praying for Peter were asking for God’s help for Peter.  God answered their prayer in a mighty way!

In the same way, you can pray for others who are separated from God.

Is there anyone in your life who needs you to pray for them–that they may receive the freedom Jesus offers?  That they may turn from their sin and be saved by accepting the free gift of eternal life Jesus offers?

Think about adding that person’s name to your daily prayers.  Your prayer for their salvation just may change their eternal destiny!