PA Criminal Background Check


rEQUIRED FOR ALL volunteers.  Free of charge.
Apply online:

Step 1. Go to —

Step 2. Click on New Record Check

Step 3. Click on the box under Volunteer Acknowledgement Section, then click Accept

Step 4. Under organization, fill out Cross Creek Community Church.  Fill out all other fields.

Step 5. Submit and wait for certification page.

If you have no record, please print your certificate page and bring to the church office, or email it to the church at with CHILD CLEARANCE for (your name) in the subject  line.

If you have a minor offense on your record, you may still be able to serve.  Please call the church office immediately at 570-696-0399 to inform us.  Once your report comes back to you, please print the page and bring it in, or email it to the church.  It can then be determined if and to what capacity you will be able to serve.