PA Child Abuse History Clearance


rEQUIRED FOR ALL volunteers.  Free of charge.
Apply online:

Step 1. Go to —

Step 2. Click on create individual account, unless you have previously made an account.

Step 3. Fill out all of the required information, submit the form, and wait for your confirmation email to arrive.

Step 4. Once you have received your email with your temporary password, click on this link  —

Step 5. Log in using the username you created and the password you received in the email.

Step 6. Change your password to one of your choosing.

Step 7.  Click on this link  —

Step 8.  Log in again with your username and NEW password that you just created

Step 9. Click on Create Clearance Application

Step 10. Click on begin on lower right corner

Step 11. Click on the very first option:  Volunteer Having Contact with Children: Applying for the purpose of volunteering as an adult for an unpaid position as a volunteer with a child-care service, a school or a program, activity or service, as a person responsible for the child’s welfare or having direct volunteer contact with children.

Step  12. Click other in Volunteer category and Cross Creek Community Church in agency name, and then click Next.

Step 13. Please fill out ALL information, INCLUDING your SSN and answer all of the questions they ask.

Step 14.  Click on the check box on the eSignature page, and also type your name in the signature box.

Step 15. Click on No when it asks if there is a code for the application.

Step 16. Click on Submit Application.

Expect to receive your clearance certificate by mail within 1-2 weeks.

PLEASE make a copy of it and bring it to the church office, or email to the church at with CHILD CLEARANCE for (your name) in the subject  line.