Cross Creek is partnered with a church in Las Vegas called Grace City Church.  Last August we were able to send a team out to Las Vegas, to work alongside and support Grace City Church.  We are looking to send another team again this year. Please contact the church if you are interested in going.

About Grace City

When Pastor Dave Earley, his wife Cathy, and a team of 17 Prayer Warriors, evangelists, and disciple-making, missionaries left it was not just to start a church. Their vision was much bigger than just starting a single church. Their vision was to play a role in catalyzing a 21st century spiritual awakening in America and see 100,000 souls come to Christ in Las Vegas.

“Because we have a big God we have big vision. We decided to cash in all of our chips to give our lives to a huge and eternal vision. We want to see nothing less than 100,000 souls come to Christ in Las Vegas and a 21st century Pentecost, a 21st century Great Awakening in the United States such that it will shake the globe. We want to see God’s kingdom come and His will be done in Las Vegas and the rest of the US just as it is in heaven.”- Dave Earley (2012).